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In 2000, Senyuan Group set up Henan Longyuan Investment Co., Ltd. to conduct overseas sales and services for international projects and trading companies, and made a series of strategic investment activities. The company conducted acquisition, merger and transfer of assets in the fields of energy, transportation, environment protection, agricultural machinery, etc. and participated in the securities investment, futures investment, treasury bond investment, high technology risk investment and capital operations.

In 2013, Senyuan participated in the first ownership reformation of the State-owned enterprise CITIC Guoan Group and became its third largest shareholder. In 2014, Senyuan invested a large amount in the photovoltaic power generation industry. At present, the first phase of the photovoltaic power generation project in Lankao has been basically completed, and the send phase is also in progress, which will become a new economic growth pole and strategic business of Senyuan Group.


January 2015, Senyuan Group established the International Trade Department and the Strategic Investment & Development Department in Beijing, which turned a new leaf in the Group’s internationalization process. It also marks a new breakthrough in the strategic investment, strategic merger and reorganization, overseas financing, etc.

January 27, Senyuan Group and China Minsheng Investment signed cooperation agreement to make joint investment in the construction and operation of the photovoltaic power plant. The two parties agreed that Senyuan Group is the project implementer and construction party, and Minsheng Investment is the operation management party. The two parties will jointly implement the photovoltaic power plant projects in Luoyang and Lankao. The total installed capacity in 2015 will be 600MW at the least. The cooperation between the two parties will start a new operation mode in China’s photovoltaic power plant industry.


Leaders of Minsheng Investment visit Senyuan Group


Benma Co., Ltd. and ALTe sign the agreement


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Lankao Photovoltaic Power Plant

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